Sunday, June 03, 2012 don't believe me...?

I'm was sitting in a bar the other day and the weirdest thing happened. A gorilla walked in and took a seat a few stools down. Now I thought this was kinda strange, but ok. So the bartender, Jimmy, walked over and asked him what he'd have. To our amazement he said," I'll have a Bud light....bottle." This was gettin' interesting. As Jimmy was getting the beer the gorilla put a ten dollar bill on the bar, looked up at the TV and just as Mariano was coming in for the Bronx Bombers, he looked over at me and said, "How the Yanks doin'?" I stammered, "Uh, They're up one run." Jimmy delivered his beer, picked up the ten spot, gave me a wink and returned with fifty cents change for our simian friend. I could see what Jimmy was pulling but just kept watching the game. A few minutes later the gorilla said,"Let's do it again" and pulled out another sawbuck.

Jimmy did his bartender thing, delivered the Bud, picked up the ten and with another wink towards me returned with fifty cents change. Another half inning went by, the gorilla got Jimmy's attention, pointed to his beer, pulled out another ten dollars and placed it on the bar. As Jimmy put the beer down he said, Ya know.....we don't get many gorillas in here." To which the gorilla replied," At $9.50 a pop......I'm not surprised." True story.

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