Saturday, August 30, 2008

"A crazy little thing called love"

So the elderly couple is heading up to their honeymoon suite after a very succesful wedding day. Myron says,"You know, Ada I love you very much, but there are a few things we haven't discussed."
"Why, what's that, my husband?," Ada replied.
"Well, for one thing, I have to have dinner every day at five o' clock."
"Done!" says his dutiful wife."
And, he continued, I must have a poached egg every morning for breakfast, with coffee and orange juice........ and no later than eight am."
"And what kind of bride would I be if I couldn't do a simple thing like that for the man I love?," she coyly answered.
"And now my dear, surely you have some concerns as we enter this union.," says Myron.
"Well, Ada begins, I'm a little curious about your thoughts on........... sex."
"Ah, my love, Myron answers........infrequently ."
In a small voice Ada asks, "Is that one or two words?"