Monday, October 22, 2012 worry.......

    So the Yankees didn't make it this year. That's it! I'm done! They're dead to me!!.....until next year. Ahhhh spring. New beginnings. Awakening aromas from the nearby Alpaca farm. And ......opening day. Everyone's a winner. Everyone's batting 1,000. We just have to get through a World Series I don't really care about, Halloween, a presidential election, Thanksgiving, Christmas, snowstorms, Easter and then,,,,opening day. Man, that sounds like a long way off.
    My grandmother used to tell me time goes by quicker as you get older. Who woulda thought she was right!? I can imagine that spring's right around the corner. And it's not even November yet!
    Life on the river's been good. Lots of music at the Winery across the street and lot of gigs. I've been doing some interesting gigs with The High Bridge All Stars. Rotating cast, of course. And 've been playing with my old pals Stolen Hearts now and then. And it looks like I'll be doing some solo gigs soon. Not my favorite thing but I gotsta woik.
    Playing my bass has become so easy. Maybe....... relaxed is a better word. I've been working with some online lessons and it feels good to practice again. New ideas....... new techniques. I wish I had taken the whole music thing seriously when I was younger. But when you're twenty, and it's the 60's/70's, girls, beer and ....other things....aren't necessarily a priority..... but go hand in hand with giggin' 5 or 6 nights a week. The music, gigs...friends...have always been good. Even if I didn't realize it sometimes.
    Had a cool getaway a couple of weeks ago to the Outer Banks in north Carolina. Some old pals and lot of playin' and singin'. What's life without playin' and singin? You have to let that little kid inside you out every now and then. I saw that one of my Facebook friends had a picture of her sitting in a tree. You go, girl! On my radio show I always encourage people to climb a tree, kiss a dog, roll in the grass...... and stick your face right in it. I bet the smell of "ground" will give you a great flashback. I was walking around Round Valley Reservoir a couple years ago and couldn't resist climbing one of those great evergreens. It's like natures ladder. I got a good way up when a friendly couple decided to stop under the tree and express their fondness for each other. Before things went too far they moved on and I came down.
    I seemed to have missed the grow up gene. I can't explain it but it's too late now, I guess. Uh oh...The Three Stooges are on. ....Peace.