Wednesday, March 14, 2007

C'mon In!! I'm right heah!

(Puttin' the "pub" in public radio)

Does your life need a soundtrack? Well, mine does. This IS a movie we’re in…..isn’t it? Every Thursday morning at “The Roadhouse” I provide that soundtrack. It’s always there, anyway. Sometimes we just can’t hear it. In a nutshell, The Beatles paved the way for the British Invasion while Greenwich Village, San Francisco and L.A laid out the road signs. And I'd like to share my "skewed" perspective with you on Thurs mornings from 6am - 9 on 89.7 and 91.9 FM. And if you're not in NJ or Pa, try our online stream at Just think about it. I'll bet there’s been a song for every major…and minor….event in your life. Remember the first time you got your heart broken and “Walk Away Renee” came on the radio? OUCH!! I’ll bet “Truckin’ “ made it into the play list for your first road trip. And if all the new singer/songwriters aren’t guiding you to work…..well….that’s where I come in. I also don’t mind telling you all about it …..(whatever “it” may be)….., always keeping towards the lighter side. If this sounds like a cool way to start your Thursday…….come on in…..and bring a friend. Peace.

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